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The Avenger was a crime drama series broadcast from 1941 to 1942. James Monks, the Avenger and a crime fighter, was a fictional character whose original adventures appeared between 1939 to 1942 in the eponymous pulp magazine published by Street and Smith Publications. Helen Adamson portrayed the Avenger's assistant, Fern Collier, who was the only person that knew the Avenger's true identity. The scripts were written by Walter B. Gibson, who also wrote for The Shadow. Although the style of the series followed the footstep of The Shadow, it did not reach the same popularity and production quality.

The Avenger's real name is Richard Henry Benson. Benson is a globe-trotting adventurer who had made his millions being a professional adventurer. As a crime fighter of super strength, Benson has two special fighting aids. The "telepathic indicator" allows him to gain random thought flashes while the "secret diffusion capsule" gives him the power of invisibility.

The Avenger is often confused with The Avengers, a British radio show broadcast in the 70s. The Avenger is an all American show.

There are 26 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Death Counts to Ten November 30, 1945
Shot in the Dark November 23, 1945
Diploma of Death November 16, 1945
Murder Hits the Jackpot November 9, 1945
Death Meets the Ghost November 2, 1945
The Cradle of Doom October 26, 1945
The Subway Ghost October 19, 1945
Death Rings the Bell October 12, 1945
The Hooded Circle October 5, 1945
Death in Mid Air September 28, 1945
Keys of the City September 21, 1945
Department of Death September 14, 1945
Thoroughbred Murders September 7, 1945
Wingate Heirs August 31, 1945
The Blue Pearls August 24, 1945
Ghost Murder August 17, 1945
Fiery Death August 10, 1945
Melody of Murder August 3, 1945
The Crypt of Thoth July 27, 1945
Tunnel of Disaster July 20, 1945
Mystery of Dead Mans Rock July 13, 1945
The Coins of Death July 6, 1945
The Eyes of Shiva June 29, 1945
Rendevous with Murder June 22, 1945
Mystery of the Giant Brain June 15, 1945

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